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Balloon Garlands, A New Party Trend!

Balloon garlands are a trendy way to accessorize any party or especial event. This trend has been around for some time and rightfully so! The use of garlands provides a way to make a statement with your decorations while at the same time providing your guest with a focal point in your venue. Setting a table with your beautifully decorated cake, cupcakes, or a veggie platters right under your garland will direct guests to the food while also providing a great photo opportunity!

So how do you go about creating an attractive and balanced garland? First, of course, get your balloons. The key is to match the overall theme of your event/party with the colour of your balloons. Also, to bring body to your garland make sure that you purchase balloons of different sizes. This will allow you to fill empty spaces in your garland while also adding color. Next, use a ballon strip to secure your balloons and to start creating the color pattern you want in your garland. Play with the order and size of your balloons to make your garland unique. Finally, chose a central and open space where to set your garland. Remember, garlands will draw your guests attention, so choose spaces that are visually appealing and easily accessible to everyone.

To accessorize or to not accessorize. While balloon garlands can make a simple and affordable decoration in your party, using accessories to accompany your balloons can make your garland unique and even more especial. Adding flowers, leaves, paper decorations or even hanging a "happy birthday" sign from your garland will certainly make a statement.

You can find hundreds of examples of balloon garlands online and even professionals that will charge you to create beautiful garlands for your party or event. Yet, remember that party decorations are meant to look great while being fairly easy to create and set up. Because of this we invite you to try creating your very own garland yourself. Our DIY Balloon Garland Kits, have everything you need to create up to a 12 ft garland! It includes: 12" and 5" latex balloons and a 12-foot Balloon Strip. Garland instructions also included!

Balloons garlands are definitely not for just kids anymore, they are chick and great for any kind of celebration.

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