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Teeny Wish is eco-friendly!

As we all play a part in caring for the environment, our party supplies are not far behind!

We carefully choose the products that we offer making sure we are contributing to reducing our footprint and being able to give you the opportunity to host an exceptional eco-friendly party. Let us tell you how:


Our invitations are digital. Even though you receive two files when you purchase our invitations, (one digital and one with a higher resolution in case you want to print your invitations). We highly recommend sending the digital invitation via e-mail. No more envelopes. No more stamps!


We can’t hide the fact that some of our products are not meant to be reusable such as plates, cups, napkins, and straws. But we are choosing paper over plastic! We have carefully selected suppliers that are aware of our footprint and are responsible for the environment.

Decorations such as garlands, party bags, cookie cutters, hats, masks, and toppers are meant to be reused.

We are advocates that all our party decorations should be properly recycled!

Our Qualatex latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex, not plastic! we are happy to share that they are biodegradable! Latex is made from rubber trees, the rubber is collected by cutting the tree’s bark, which doesn’t hurt the trees.


All our utensils are made of wood which is 100% compostable! It takes less time to biodegrade.

Party Bags and Goodies

The party bag is always the last highlight to your child’s celebration. Instead of filling it with cheap toys that may be unsafe and will likely end up in the trash, we offer many different options!

Consider giving away sweet treats such as our delicious hard candy sticks, our bracelets or necklaces. Other party gift ideas include baked cookies or cupcakes or other items such as plush toys or our temporary tattoos.

To pack these items, we have themed party bags that are so adorable you would want to keep them. These bags are made from Kraft paper which is safe for food, recyclable and biodegradable.

At Teeny Wish we recognize that committing to be environmental responsible is not often the cheapest option. While big party supply stores could offer cheaper products, at Teeny Wish we try our best to balance our commitment to the environment and our desire to offer high quality and affordable products. The bottom line is that you can throw an extraordinary party and be environmentally responsible!

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