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How to Choose your Kids Birthday Party Theme?

I love planning parties! Hence the nature of my business. Yet, despite my love for parties, finding the right party theme is what I find the most challenging. This is specially the case when there are too many options available. To overcome this difficulty in choosing just the right theme for the parties I plan I often follow a few steps. Today I decided to share these steps with you with the hope that I will be able to help you in selecting the perfect birthday party theme!


If your child is old enough you can definitely ask her/him for input. That could mean an out of space pirate piñata, but it is great to see what they think and work together out what is achievable. If your child is not yet old enough to help with planing, clues about what she/he likes (or don't) are easily found on the books her/she is reading, the TV shows he watches, or even the games she/he plays with you.


If you follow our social media and search on our website, you will find unique party themes! We stay away from licensed party themes because we like the challenge of offering parents something unique and creative for their special occasions. We focus on offering products that will create the WOW factor for any celebration! Themes to create a memorable events.

Stick to one theme!

I suggest selecting a single theme if possible to avoid confusion and ease of planning. I've found that the most special party themes don't take a lot of supplies but, instead, are based on the small details that bring surprise to our children and their guests.

Plan in advance!

I recommend planning a few months before the party, so you have enough time to research, plan and execute!

But if timing is a challenge, don’t worry! We are here to help and simplify your party planning experience with our themed boxes. They include all the party decorations you need: balloons, garlands, cake topper and candles, cookie and cupcake kits, plates, forks, cups, paper straws, and napkins & confetti! Just get the cake and you are done!


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