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Cake toppers the NEW highlight of your celebration!

A cake has always been the highlight of your celebrations. I have a sweet tooth and what I most remember of any party is the cake, is it just me? (I do love eating cake!)

But when it comes to purchasing a cake, unless I want to spend a significant sum of money, its always hard to find the right cake. Giving into buying the same old cake for every family celebration is not rare.

Lets be honest, cake options are often VERY limited, supermarket cakes mostly look the same – that white, too much frosting cake that can give you a sugar high by just smelling it! or that same old plain chocolate cake that we seem to have too often... Baking your own cake is another option, but rarely a very viable one. We all have limited amounts of time and baking and decorating a cake, on top of planning and decorating a party, often is just too much to handle. Parents’ hectic lives sometimes just can't spare time for this.

I decided that maybe I didn't need to break the bank for every birthday. Instead, I can definitely get that old favourite cake that might be too plain to look at and, instead of asking the bakery to write a simple message on a piece of chocolate, I can personalize it and make it unique. This is easily achieved through a personalized cake topper or unique candles that tie the cake to the party decorations. This does the trick for me. Not only I save money, but I am also able to enjoy a uniquely decorated cake that stands out. People also often ask where I purchase my fantastic cake.. pleasing to the eyes, makes its more delicious to the tummy!

Cake toppers are rocking the cake universe's core with their modern and simple versatility. A cake topper can make any cake, cupcakes or even doughnuts become the masterpiece of your party! Jazz up your cake with these fantastic toppers and candles.

At Teeny Wish we offer a variety of personalized cake toppers and unique candles!

If we don't have what you are looking for please send us a message! Our goal is to help you personalize your party and we can do that with just one chat.

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