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DIY Cute Confetti Balloon Cake Topper

We are happy to share instructions of our mini confetti balloon cake toppers that are so easy to make and will create the highlight of your event!


  • 5" round clear latex balloons

  • Funnel (optional)

  • Chopstick or pencil

  • 1 tbs. Confetti of your choice

  • Balloon pump

  • Paper straw

  • Tape

  • Twig, tulle or ribbon


Start by wrapping your balloon around the base of your funnel if you are using one. Next, add your confetti to your balloon. Use your chopstick or eraser end of your pencil to gently push them through the funnel or directly to the balloon.

Lightly roll your balloon off the funnel and fill with air. Tie balloon closed!

Secure balloon to the straw with tape.

Add your twig, tulle or ribbon to cover the balloon knot and tape. Top your cake!

After you inflate your balloon, rub the balloon on some fabric (pants or chair) to create enough static electricity so that the lightweight confetti will stick to the balloon sides.

Please share a photo of your creations on our social media by tagging us #teenywish. Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!


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